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It began in 1993, when an eight year old little boy played hours each day with Legos, K’nex, Steal Tech, and Radio Shack electrical panels. He was always taking things apart such as hairdryers, batteries, car alternators, and A/C blower fans just to see how they worked. Anything junky was "Gold" to him. Shopping for his birthday was best done at Radio Shack, electrical supply stores and house attics.

He was goal oriented, motivated, and hard working as shown when he bought his own go-cart at age (8) eight after selling Christmas cards and wrapping paper ... Age (9) nine a 6 piece surround sound stereo system ... Age (10) ten a Pentium 166 computer ... always tithing 10% to Church, saving 10%, and keeping 20% for future reinvestments. Mowing, pool cleaning, and computer consulting helped accomplish this. He was also on a cash basis except for a 3 month loan of $600 from his Granddad for mowing equipment to get started. This he repaid in two months.


One day his mom came home to find her computer in about 25 pieces; she was upset and worried at first ... 1 hour later it was working fine!

He & his dad played around a lot connecting two computers together via network cable & a hub. With the curiosity of, how does it work & why, within a year his knowledge had surpassed most computer oriented adults. First Dos 5.0; Windows 3.11; Windows 95, 98, & NT 4.0.

At age10 he built his first computer (486-33 Mhz) for a science project in school ... later donating it to the church. In time, he built two 486-66 Mhz and a Pentium 133 Mhz for church. At home he built several 386-33 Mhz’s, 40 Mhz, & a 486-25 Mhz that have now been converted into several Pentium 100’s up to a 350Mhz, all networked together.

After all of the above, repairing several friends/family computers and network consulting at his dad’s office, it was time to turn this “God” given talent into his own company ... hence MCM Computers June 1, 1998 ... Michael C. McKenzie (13 years old) and Family!